Robert Onion

Robert Onion is Chairman of Circle, which he co-founded in the early 1990s. A former interior designer, he worked for a number of leading design agencies in London before setting up his own company. Circle is now an internationally renowned brand agency and a leader in branding for the energy, fuel and convenience fuel and convenience retailing sectors. Rob's love of international design has taken him all round the world, and he has worked for extensive periods in Spain and the USA. He is recognised as an international authority on fuel branding, and leads numerous successful brand and design projects in the sector, particularly in the Middle East. He is also a conference speaker and author on retail brand and design.

'Fuel retailing has become so homogenised that customers don't see anything except the number on the fuel price sign. If retailers want to get beyond price wars, they need to break away from the herd and stand for something different.'

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