Costa Chic

Costa have been busy creating a new refreshing award winning interior style for their recent urban sites in London. Possibly taking their inspiration from the new Starbucks ‘15th Avenue Coffee & Tea’ experiment in Seattle, this newly adopted ‘metropolitan’ style has transformed the tired Costa interior into a completely unique and modern coffee shop.

These specially tailored coffee shops boast a sleek & trendy, contemporary feel. You'll find exposed brick walls, a mix of concrete and wooden floors with funky lighting. Defined zonal spaces have been designed to accommodate the variety of customers who are either on the move, relaxing or working.

This boutique style makes for a much needed change from the usual recognizable high street coffee chains. Thoughtful consideration has clearly been taken to involve the existing building and location into the design, not just forcing yet another generic branded interior into the site. Branding has been played down by use of eclectic in-store graphics, photography and illustrations celebrating coffee with large wall stenciled typography taking inspiration from traditional coffee sacks.

The ambiance is warm, welcoming, cosmopolitan, and subtle making a refreshing change from the usual uniformly clean, cold, and sterile style. There are expert baristas and appealingly displayed food that looks freshly prepared & baked. These small but significant personal touches make a great difference. Costa have been very clever in testing this refreshing specialty sub-brand to see if they can capture another segment of the market that would otherwise be disillusioned by the large corporate chains.

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