Light Show

A visit to the Light Show at the Hayward last week was fascinating with interesting pieces that were clever, inspiring and thought provoking.

My favourite was Chromosaturation by Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. A three part room where the environment changed from blue to red and then green as you walked around it, immersing you in a completely monochrome, intense colour that was a vivid contrast to the neighbouring space. Not only extremely intense on your eyes, your skin visually changed as it absorbed the light. Influencing how you felt, your mood reflecting each space. The red a sunburst glow made you feel warm and happy, the calming coolness of the blue was relaxing and the green was more serious and sterile. I think I have could happily remained in the red zone with a healthy glow!

Another highlight was the beautiful Model for a Timeless Garden by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson. He is the artist who created the infamous Weather Project at Tate Modern back in 2003 and his art often gives rise to optically disorientating objects. Here he effectively uses intense strobe lighting to illuminate water at a specific frequency, so that the cascades of liquid from each fountain are visually reduced to appear as 'frozen' crystal droplet sculptures. This ever-changing crystal like landscape is a totally captivating, disorientating and magical experience.

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