A Google Doodle

It is one, if not the most viewed logo in the world. With over 30 million views per day it’s the Google logo. Sometimes we take notice of it, other times we don’t. It’s one the constants in our daily lives, however when they change it to one of their unique Google doodles I always notice.

The doodle is Google’s way of celebrating and saluting iconic days in the yearly calendar. However in the early days of Google the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, choose the first doodle to be one of the most elaborate ‘out of office messages’ ever seen. The doodle on Aug 30 1999 was for the Burning Man festival and was a signal to all that knew them that they themselves were at the festival and not in the office.

Recently there was one doodle that caught my eye more than all the others, the Pacman doodle on May 21 2010. Not only was it a doodle but it was also a game. Some may not be that impressed however I certainly was as it was a fitting way to celebrate and salute the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Pacman.

Comment could be made on the redesign of the logo and the impact that has on brand consistency and brand value, for and against. However to me Google is about finding things, finding new things online everyday, and to me that’s what the Google doddle is. It lets me know things I never would have known before. Like did you know that Josef Frank's 125th Birthday was today, July 15th? Thought not.



Jamie Cardoo

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