Convenience Stores
Talking our language

Convenience stores have some pretty basic functional requirements in often restricted floor space and on tight budgets. Creating a warm welcoming environment as well as making it fast and effective is a challenge, especially if it’s being rolled out with a cookie cutter approach. The service you get has a big part to play. Graphics and lighting have improved; people are using brighter colour palettes, inviting shots of fresh produce etc. Key zones are awash with wood laminate to soften the edges. They still have a long way to go though. Take product zoning – can we be a bit more imaginative than putting up ‘dairy’ in large letters above the chillers? Talking to customers like humans, having a sense of humour and a bit of character isn’t nearly common enough in this environment. I liked these pelmet graphics from Budgens – they told me a bit more, gave me a flavour of Budgens the brand and made me feel more valued as a customer. Like the example of Innocent who fought for years to change the labelling on their bottles from ‘use by’ to ‘enjoy by’, shouldn’t retailers be working harder to be a bit more like you and me and speak the same language?

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