Sponges, tyres and toilet plungers are no more

Whilst doing some research on buying habits within convenience stores YouTube offered up this old, yet still amusing commercial from Argos. Yes it's a parody, and in some areas you will still come across stores like this, it's not that long ago that this is what customers encountered on the shelves of their local stores.

Sponges, tyres, toilet plungers, stale sandwiches and the likes are replaced now with mobile phones, iPods, DVD's (and even Blu Ray's), fresh food, espresso and wine. No longer is the forecourt convenience store the place to visit for only de-icers and window squeegees, it's now a place where you can go to get your essentials, non essentials and your luxuries - BP Connect and M&S.

And for those in the UK that are wondering the location of this station to avoid this Christmas, it's on the A429 about half a mile from Northleach.

Jamie Cardoo

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