Cutting costs, adding value
Smarter ways to manage a petrol retail brand

Petrol retailers may be under pressure to cut costs, but they need to be cautious about damaging their brands in the rush to trim their budgets, argues Neil Giles.

Petrol retail brands have a natural lifespan of five to ten years, and you can't afford to let them stand still. But with a bit of ingenuity and creative flair, it's possible to update an ageing identity, reduce implementation costs and enhance your brand's perception all at once.

Instead of basing decisions purely on cost — which may also make your brand look cheap — start thinking value. Identify areas that are critical to the brand (such as colours, logo and name), then areas that are easier to change. Can these be made to work harder or deliver more practical benefits?

There are plenty of ways to cut costs and at the same time benefit your brand — from simplifying your identity and using fewer materials to adopting ‘smart’ energy saving technologies.

So don't throw the ‘brand baby’ out with the bathwater. Keep cost savings firmly focused on delivering value for your brand — and your customers will take notice.

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