Difference in a sea of sameness
Building loyalty in service stations

When your product is pretty much identical to everyone else's, it can be hard to create a sense of loyalty. Robert Onion outlines some marketing tactics to keep customers coming back.

How do you build loyalty in the commoditised market of service stations when the cards seem so stacked against you? First of all, you need to understand your customer. Depending on your site location, you are likely to have very different customer types with very different needs. Only when you have understood who they are can you develop sensible strategies for communicating with them and offering the kind of services and products that they require.

Urban customers split broadly into two groups 'fuel and go' types, or a higher spending group prepared to spend more time at the filling station. Each requires a different set of products and offers - and it's crucial to get them right.

Once you've pinpointed your customer, it's time to try out some serious attraction tactics. Alternatively, consider our forward-looking tips on designing service stations for the future. The aim is to create a far richer, more rewarding retail experience - one that customers will want to go back to again and again.

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