How green is your forecourt?
Retail design with a difference

Environmental considerations rarely weigh heavy with cost-conscious petrol retailers. But according to Circle Chairman Robert Onion and energy consultant Brian Quinn, green initiatives on the forecourt are set to become a key brand asset.

Just how environmentally friendly can you make a service station forecourt? We argue that it's possible to make a serious difference and with over 250,000 fuel retail outlets around the world, that's a lot of real estate.

But what's in it for the retailers? With most of them intent on trying to control costs and squeeze maximum revenue out of every square metre, there has to be a strong incentive to embrace greener design. That incentive is simple. We believe that retailers who unite sound green initiatives with savvy branding will score with a new generation of environmentally aware consumers as well as ensuring an easier ride with planning authorities.

Even in the Middle East, which has come late to environmental issues, we'll soon see a retailer adopting solar energy. And there's still plenty of room in the market to use green initiatives as a point of differentiation so long as they're based in sound practice.

From cutting down VOCs during refuelling to saving water, there are plenty of ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Our top ten green recommendations can secure you a major brand advantage.

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