Jar is a new premium convenience store offer in the UAE. Circle devised a brand positioning to place Jar in a niche between corner stores and supermarkets, and the name 'Jar', meaning 'neighbour', emphasises that this is a friendly local store. Aimed at professional and affluent shoppers in downtown business and residential areas, the brand is sophisticated but inviting. The Jar stores are planned to cater for business people wanting easy access in peak periods to the fresh coffee and deli offers, as well as for customers stocking up on general groceries. Circle created the identity for the store and applied it to the exterior, signage, in-store graphics and promotions, uniforms and marketing materials. The interior design uses high quality materials and specifications, and this quality extends to the product mix and professional customer service. Every element combines to deliver a premium offer.

Good Company

A premium local store brand attracting affluent shoppers in downtown business and residential areas across the UAE.

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