BP Helios
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BP helios awards

Circle has worked with BP for four consecutive years to manage its global employee recognition scheme, the 'helios awards'. BP recognises the importance that the individuals on the ground make to overall group performance, and the helios awards celebrate project teams that make a real difference to the organisation by putting BP's four brand values into action. We create the overall campaign theme for each year, producing launch and ongoing support materials in cross-media formats, and working with film and event production companies to deliver the final global awards ceremony at the end of the nine-month programme. We love the challenge of keeping the campaign fresh and invigorated every year, as well as the opportunity to deliver a high profile integrated brand-building campaign.

BP Solar

Communicating the benefits of BP's solar initiative on the forecourt.

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A state-of-the-art brand with a national flavour but international standards.

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Brand strategy and launch for a cleaner, greener fuel in Abu Dhabi.

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