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Café Arabicca

Based upon the success of the Emarat, Café Arabicca coffee and Bakeria food to go offer, Circle have been asked to extend the retail offer beyond the Emarat Plus convenience store. Emarat are planning to target shopping mall locations around Dubai initially to test the Café Arabicca concept in advance of offering a regional franchise to new potential operators. The brand extension has meant developing the Café Arabicca brand 'language' and personality to work within retail units from 50-250msq. The Middle East coffee heritage is perhaps the richest of any part of the world, coffee sometimes being referred to as 'the wine of Islam'. The interior design borrows from this rich heritage through materials, pattern and imagery however presents it in a contemporary relaxed setting. The new concept is due to be tested in Q2 2013.

"We at Emarat are very excited about launching Café Arabicca stand alone as it brings something unique to a crowded market, reflecting our company’s Arabic heritage. Café Arabicca will add to a portfolio of strong brands available for franchising that will grow further this year." Darren Smith, Emarat Retail Marketing Support Manager


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