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Bakeria, the in-store bakery offer from Emarat, was created by Circle in order to add a food-to-go brand to the Emarat retail portfolio. Our international research showed that consumers within the UAE wanted more fresh foods available to them in convenient locations and at reasonable prices. The Bakeria brand was designed to meet those needs. Every aspect of the customer experience has been customised, from interior design to packaging and uniforms. Using Circle's guidelines, Bakeria has been rolled out across the Emarat network, and the resulting increase in revenues has inspired Emarat to offer Bakeria as a franchise opportunity to other retailers. Leading regional investors have already signed up to roll the brand out across the UAE.

Café Arabicca

An in-house coffee brand for Emarat has taken on the big players and won.

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Emarat Plus

An attractive Emarat convenience store designed to draw fuel buyers out of their cars.

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A third generation of convenience store designed for fuel retailer Emarat to tap into the fresh food and groceries market.

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